Pronunciation Errors Prove the Media are Clueless

What you call a vegetable is one thing. How you pronounce someone’s name is a matter of accuracy and respect.

The bull gets agitated by the inability of news commentators to learn the correct way to say the names of people in the news. It makes one think they just don’t care to do their homework.

It’s like reading a local newspaper report about something you have personal knowledge of. That report ALWAYS has errors that make you shake your horns in amazement. Why couldn’t the reporter even get the basics right?

Like fingernails on the chalkboard, here are some cringeworthy inconsistencies that anger the bull constantly:

Rod Rosensteen or Rod Rosenstine
Dianne Feinsteen or Dianne Feinstine
Harvey Weinsteen or Harvey Weinstine

It happens often on the talking head discussion panels. All of them stubbornly stick to their preferred pronunciation, as if the real fact can’t be agreed upon with a simple phone call or Google search. It’s not like those persons don’t have a consistent way they pronounce their own name.

This sloppiness and carelessness is a great example of why you can’t trust the accuracy and the diligence of the media. They’re often just a bunch of po-tah-to heads. They give vegetables a bad name.




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