A SIGHT TO BEHOLD: The Stubborn Ignorance and Transparent Tactics of “Progressives”

They accuse conservatives of wanting to go back to the past. You know, like the Jim Crow era, or the Civil War, or something like that…something that fits their vision of the Neanderthals they think we are.

Even the nicest progressives think conservatives want to jump in a time machine and AT LEAST head back to Mayberry. At their most generous, they think we want to be Gomer, or Andy, or Aunt Bea.

It really is laughable.

The fact is, Make America Great Again is about the future, not about the past. If you’re going to make anything great again, indeed if you’re going to build anything at all, you are looking forward and planning for success. There’s no looking back.

Looking back is for them, not us. They themselves want desperately to go back to the past…a recent past, because in their view, history only extends back a little while…to their birth…at best. That is their frame of reference. Anything outside that bubble is comprised of propaganda and the fantasy world it created in their minds.


They are the ones crying and moaning about change. They are the ones who fear the future. They even seem terrified of prosperity. Because, well…capitalism and stuff.

They want to go back to the safety of the Obama era, when socialism was on the advance, when they felt government really cared about them and was willing to give them what they rightly deserved…like whatever they wanted…at least whatever could be wrangled from the hands of people they feel abused them to become more successful than them.

Everything was all good ten years ago. Now, they’re pissed off about almost everything. They angrily protest it all. Because conservatives did it, it’s bad and dangerous. They MUST RESIST!

They call us evil, but they don’t even believe in the concept of evil themselves. If you ask them about right and wrong, they’ll stammer that they are simply constructs of an entrenched patriarchy of oppressors, going back all the way to…well…the 1900’s when Washington was president. Way back!


But don’t ask them for any reasons for their beliefs. They don’t have any of those. But they can repeat things really well. It’s all pretty frustrating and depressing for people like us who actually have perspective and common sense.

Not only are they clueless rubes, programmed haters, they are blind to their own ignorance and their own prejudices. They think enlightened “progressives” like themselves are incapable of error or bias. They are NOT Neanderthals. They are visionaries!

And even the brightest signs of good things happening around them, like economic growth, plentiful jobs, increasing incomes, lower taxes…these don’t even get noticed. They’re so busy crying about being oppressed that they can’t see what’s happening right in front of their eyes.

They are The Three Stooges of American history. As Curly once said, “I can’t see! I can’t see! Oh. My eyes are closed.”

The end product of their mania is blatant hypocrisy. They always accuse their opponents of the exact thing they and their handlers are doing themselves. The best way to determine what their leaders are doing behind the scenes is to listen to what they’re accusing their opponents of doing.

If they say YOU want to return to the past, that’s what THEY want to do. If they say you are using and destroying people to achieve your objectives, that’s what they’re doing. This method of exposing them works every time. They are the most bumbling and obvious insurgents in the history of the world.

But don’t worry. They won’t ever figure this out. They would first have to know history. And that’s too much trouble for them. They’re far too upset and busy right now. They have to go chant F*** Kavanaugh at the rally.




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