GLOBALISM: It’s Bad Nationalism on Steroids

The only identity Americans really need is a national identity. But now, patriotism is being demeaned as being the equivalent of 20th century radical, expansionist nationalism.

By demonizing “nationalism”, the left promotes and justifies endless numbers of group identities. This is their “answer” for a better America.

How can anyone believe this is good for the country? The answer is, they don’t believe it themselves. They know that they can’t overthrow a unified nation. Both inside and outside the United States, those who resent and despise America’s ideals and its successes are hell bent on breaking up the world’s model of liberty and capitalism.

Capitalism powers the world because it works. That’s what they hate. The success of freedom and free enterprise proves their own scheme to be the sham that it is.

The United States has become so powerful and influential that it now represents the greatest threat to proponents of globalism and socialism. A beacon of individual rights and prosperity is the biggest obstacle to bringing the world together under one umbrella of conformity, mediocrity and obedience.

Globalism is today’s version of dangerous nationalism. It’s not the Trump kind of nationalism. His is synonymous with patriotism. Globalism is the REAL, 21st century version of the fascist, expansionist nationalism that tried to take over the world in the 20th century.

Back then, they did it with guns. In today’s world of instant communication, the new sword is propaganda. Hitler had the right idea, but he didn’t have the technology. He had to combine his propaganda with brute force.

Now, world conferences and deceptive schemes are all that are needed to win over most of the planet. From that point, all bets are off the table. When that happens, it’s possible they’ll do whatever it takes to capture the rest of us. It’s all about gaining the upper hand.

This expansionist blanket of control is the fervent goal of powerful elites around the planet who are conspiring to take back their world from the influence of the United States. Personal freedom and individual rights are the enemies of the globalists.

Next time someone tells you a “nationalist” is a hater of other countries, ask them what that makes a globalist. Globalists are nationalists on steroids. The new oppressive nationalists are the globalists. They want to control everyone on the planet. How do you escape that?


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