The Socialist War on American Greatness

America is a nation of laws. If we don’t enforce our laws, then those laws become pointless. Without laws, we cease to be a nation.

But one party now calls for abolishing ICE and opening our borders. And it’s just the latest delirious demand. One party is lurching leftward in a desperate drive to reclaim power. 

Socialists are taking over the Democratic Party. They angrily reject the rule of law. They vilify those who risk their lives to enforce it. And they relentlessly attack the very institutions that made the country great (all three branches of our constitutional government, actually).

They also despise the engine that made America successful: the for-profit businesses that employ the people and provide the opportunity for them to achieve, advance and prosper.

These are textbook examples of revolutionary tactics. The question then, is this: Is America a flawed and failed experiment that needs to be “fundamentally transformed”, or is it a cherished model of freedom and prosperity that constantly requires maintenance and fine tuning?

How you answer this question defines who you are. And it also defines who your opponents are. That’s the reality we face.

One side is angry and poised for battle. The other sees a brighter future, and understands the logical need for critical updates.

It doesn’t seem like a question that will be settled with reasoned discussion. To celebrate America, we need more than fireworks, hot dogs and apple pie. We need to accept that the nation we revere is in danger, and we must re-affirm our love for the dreams of our founding fathers.

This revolution is about rewriting our history and our Constitution. Now is the time for lovers of liberty to come together to defend the great American Experiment.



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