The School Safety Scam: Protecting Students is a Matter of Priorities, Not Guns

Here’s a real, serious and affordable plan to protect our schoolchildren. But even lovers of big government programs will probably not be interested. They’d rather use school safety as a way to attack the 2nd amendment. For them, it’s not about the kids. It’s about politics and ideology. -CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE-

Collusion, Corruption and Cover-Ups: 5 Questions That Will Soon Be Answered

Despite the media telling us “nothing to see here”, it’s clear to any common sense person that something smells in Washington. We are assured by entrenched bureaucrats and ex-officials that everything is fine. The evil Republicans are insane, hateful and stuff. But the ruse can only last so long, because it’s based on lies. The… Continue reading Collusion, Corruption and Cover-Ups: 5 Questions That Will Soon Be Answered

State of Dis-Union: Dems Pout as Trump Touts America

President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address was remarkable in many ways, but not only for its construction, its presentation, its themes or its plans for America. -CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE-

The Left Loses its Shit Over Shitholes

Wait a minute. Either: A. These countries actually are shitholes, and we need to let their people come here in order to save them and give them a better life OR B. These countries are no different than any other country and their people don’t deserve special treatment in our immigration rules. The leftists haven’t figured… Continue reading The Left Loses its Shit Over Shitholes

Trump Again Uses Technology to Change the Game

Today, in an unprecedented move, negotiations between the American president and congressional leaders were broadcast for all to see. The move has been almost universally viewed as extraordinary. Perhaps President Trump is ahead of the curve on what’s going on. The indisputable fact is that politics and government have been forever changed. A now superlative… Continue reading Trump Again Uses Technology to Change the Game

Is Populism Changing World History?

Is Populism the new Liberty? The allure and promotion of centralized authority has brought us a proliferation of international governing bodies. Within nations, it has forced power and control upward, toward a small clique of know-it-alls. More and more, individuals and nations are realizing the threat posed by a loss of control over their own… Continue reading Is Populism Changing World History?