Freedom of Speech Gets Zucked

To our social media overlords, freedom of speech now means taking votes on which views to suppress. They call this “finding common ground”. Seriously. People already have the option to block posts from any source they don’t like. But our social saviors now feel a need to protect users they consider too stupid and uninformed… Continue reading Freedom of Speech Gets Zucked

Facebook: We Shoved Our Faces In It and Now It Sucks

We thought Facebook was our friend. But we were wrong. Love at first sight can blind even the most rational among us. And we got taken, sucked in to socializing. We should have known the relationship was all about money. It started out rosy, but an opportunist creeped into the picture. It was an internet… Continue reading Facebook: We Shoved Our Faces In It and Now It Sucks

Garbage In, Garbage Out: How the Internet Became a Tool for Tyranny

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