From Blue Wave to Brown Shirts: How Democrats Are Destroying Their Own Future

The reality is, if liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. They are marching toward an Uncivil War on American ideals. And they no longer care what anyone thinks. -CLICK THE TITLE ABOVE TO READ MORE-

Because Nothing Feels Better Than a Good Movement

Leftist protestors are always in need of a new reason to feel morally superior and express some righteous anger. Here’s a NoBull Cause for them, a legitimate beef, too. This is a complete plan for their next big movement. -CLICK THE TITLE TO ACCESS THE PLAN-

“Pumped Up Kim” Slays Singapore

Kim Jong Un flew into town courtesy of a chartered Air China 747. Trump flew in on the world’s best 747, customized for the leader of the free world. Kim stuffed himself into a rented Mercedes limo. Trump relaxed in “The Beast”, his armored, tricked-out ride, flown in via military transport, as usual. Kim’s supporters… Continue reading “Pumped Up Kim” Slays Singapore

The “Shut Up and Go Away” Trap

It’s easy to condemn offensive comments. It always has been. In a democracy that reveres freedom of speech, the best way to defeat the ideas behind the stupid and offensive comments of others has always been to explain logically just how stupid and offensive they are. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, the recent trend… Continue reading The “Shut Up and Go Away” Trap

Barack Obama: The Smooth Talking Thug

He talked a good game and gathered millions of admirers. His flowery style impressed those who believed in his sincerity and were impressed by his vision of  “fundamentally transforming America”. His admirers pictured a devoted patriot, tirelessly working behind the scenes to defend righteousness and promote social justice. But now we are beginning to see… Continue reading Barack Obama: The Smooth Talking Thug