Garbage In, Garbage Out: How the Internet Became a Tool for Tyranny

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How Leftists Use Diversity to Destroy Dissent

The shake-my-head nature of “progressive” thought has become so commonplace that it doesn’t even stand out anymore. And that seems by design. The rational and reasonable ones who say “wait a minute” are just drowned out and denounced as evil. Full speed ahead! To the masses of sensitive sheep out there, it’s all about feelings,… Continue reading How Leftists Use Diversity to Destroy Dissent

Climate Crisis? Scientific American Article Says “Chill Out”

It’s as if civilization has never figured anything out, never conquered a challenge, never advanced beyond burning things just to stay warm and roast a goat. -CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE-

The Whining Begins: Beer Companies Shed Fake Tears Over Tariffs

The beer industry has joined the fray of companies decrying the proposed 10% tariff on aluminum imports. They use a lot of cans. They say a tariff will be really harmful to everyone…an atrocity on the average guy. But crunching some simple numbers shows their claim to be a farce. As of March 2, 2018,… Continue reading The Whining Begins: Beer Companies Shed Fake Tears Over Tariffs

The School Safety Scam: Protecting Students is a Matter of Priorities, Not Guns

Here’s a real, serious and affordable plan to protect our schoolchildren. But even lovers of big government programs will probably not be interested. They’d rather use school safety as a way to attack the 2nd amendment. For them, it’s not about the kids. It’s about politics and ideology. -CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE-