The Resist Movement: It’s What Cultural Appropriation is All About

Millions of people have joined the “Resist” movement, attending vehement and often violent protests, regurgitating rhetoric and carrying pre-printed posters about the horrors of America and its leaders. It’s as if we are an occupied nation, with Nazi storm troopers kicking in doors and gassing innocents. But these realities were not considered important in their… Continue reading The Resist Movement: It’s What Cultural Appropriation is All About

The Battle for Planet Earth

Competing views of right and wrong are the bedrock underlying today’s culture wars. And, make no mistake, a world war has broken out. Multiple factions are fighting mindless and ferocious battles across the globe. They’re not just military conflicts either. Historically, wars have been fought over property and power, so you might think that things… Continue reading The Battle for Planet Earth

The 1-Question Equality Survey

We Americans proudly declare to the world that we’re the birthplace of individual equality and freedom. It must be hard to find a citizen who isn’t for these ideals. There is only one question to ask on a survey about equality. Every other question is at least secondary, because the answers will all track with… Continue reading The 1-Question Equality Survey