Is the CO2 Bubble About to Burst?

New scientific experiments from CERN and others indicate that CO2 is not the driver of temperatures as we have been led to believe. UV rays from the sun and ocean current patterns are among the culprits. This is why the climate models consistently overstate temperature increases. Is it possible that the “consensus” CO2 bubble is […]

Airplane – The Healthcare Movie

Leslie Nielsen was not born to be a cop, let alone a doctor. Peter Graves and Kareem weren’t cut out to be pilots. Maybe there’s a lesson in all of that. Every healthcare system, no matter how it works or who provides it, is really just a plane without a pilot. In this case, the… Continue reading Airplane – The Healthcare Movie

The Hijacking of Gay Pride

Gay Pride activists used to march in celebration of their culture and to call for their civil rights. But their marches have become consumed by political causes unrelated to their actual struggle. Unfortunately, far too many of these activists have adopted and espoused the political rhetoric of their supporters and benefactors, as if it somehow… Continue reading The Hijacking of Gay Pride

Leakers’ Lament

–Justice Department Says Be Skeptical of Anonymous Leaks–     It’s so easy to latch on to anything leaked to the press when it supports one’s wishes or narrative. But, as they say, consider the source. The real issue is the leaking itself. It’s subversive and destructive, and plays into the desires and tactics of… Continue reading Leakers’ Lament