Dems Plan to Use Harassment Scandals to Take Out Trump

The wave of accused big name harassers has taken its toll on liberals and conservatives across the spectrum of society. Entertainment, media and political elites have taken a beating. For Democrats, however, this presented a golden opportunity. (CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE)

Giving Thanks for Trump Will Make Turkeys Explode

It’s always advisable to avoid politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Experience shows that families are full of strong and divergent opinions. And much indigestion and indignation has been caused by someone’s compulsion to express those opinions in a room full of baggage. But what if you simply expressed thanks for having the President we… Continue reading Giving Thanks for Trump Will Make Turkeys Explode

Trumpzilla vs. the Swamp Creatures

We’ve known for years about the swamp in Washington. For decades, money and power have flooded the nation’s Capitol. The system rewards those who can manipulate and cajole as they slither through the muck and the filth. For years, these creatures were called lobbyists. But the population of the swamp has become much more diversified… Continue reading Trumpzilla vs. the Swamp Creatures