The Resist Movement: It’s What Cultural Appropriation is All About

Millions of people have joined the “Resist” movement, attending vehement and often violent protests, regurgitating rhetoric and carrying pre-printed posters about the horrors of America and its leaders.

It’s as if we are an occupied nation, with Nazi storm troopers kicking in doors and gassing innocents. But these realities were not considered important in their enlightened educators’ planning books.


The history they were taught in school was replete with examples of America’s stumbles and wrongdoings. It has served to define the America they see as they go about their cushy lives, living in unparalleled comfort and convenience.

These privileged, protected, complacent and clueless pawns believe they’re oppressed and discriminated against by hateful forces of evil. But they know not what they see.

Their movement’s leaders encourage them and reinforce their beliefs. To a great extent, their pliability is a product of the failure of an education system. It has been held captive to an imposed “progressive” narrative. This disinformation campaign has gone on for fifty years, so perhaps we shouldn’t blame the people produced by this exercise in revisionist history.

But the students themselves bear just as much responsibility for their ignorance and distorted world view. Their lazy taking for granted of their own cushy existence, and their utter lack of intellectual curiosity about what brought those cushions, makes them culpable for their obliviousness.

What is certainly ironic about this whole thing is that these pampered protesters have adopted the term “Resistance”. They know nothing of real resistance movements and what made them necessary.


Nazis occupying France spawned the French Resistance. In Belgium, the underground fought and died as well. Life there was truly a living Hell. No one was under any misconception about what was going on. This is what true resistance is. Live or die. Freedom or slavery. Kill or be killed.

But, as pathetically funny as it seems, these American victims of “oppression” have done what they claim to be so horrified by: they have culturally appropriated the struggles of its rightful owners. They have disrespected the real resisters.

Our present day version of cultural appropriation is an utterly bogus and moronic concept. And when shouted by all the sniveling snowflakes we see on the news every night, it bares its underbelly for all to see. (All who are able to see, that is.)

The usurpation of legitimate oppression for the causes of political elites, media and special interest machines is an abomination. It is an offense to the lives actually lost in real, truly important resistance movements. It speaks very poorly of so many in the populace.


The only wrongful appropriation is being committed by these people. An American owning a Mexican restaurant is not cultural appropriation. Whites on college campuses who just want an education are not oppressors. The protesters’ political opponents are not out to kill them.

The hateful discourse from the protestors and the encouragement from their promoters are only stoking displaced anger. It’s not good for our country.

They have become what they claim to abhor. And they don’t even realize it.



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