Don’t Buy the Lie of Democracy

How many times have you heard some politician or talking-head say that the United States is a democracy? We’ve all been told that countless times. But it’s a lie… an intentional distortion of the facts. The United States was prudentially designed as a constitutional, representative republic, and specifically NOT as a democracy. Benjamin Franklin famously… Continue reading Don’t Buy the Lie of Democracy

For Some People, the Constitution Needs a Warning Label

It’s been said that there’s sanctuary in the voting booth. It’s true. The right to vote is precious. It’s the most basic guarantor of our freedoms. Sadly, as usual, Democrats and their leftist rooting section misunderstand and misconstrue the obvious. They take that preciousness to mean that we must provide the opportunity for everyone, even… Continue reading For Some People, the Constitution Needs a Warning Label

The School Safety Scam: Protecting Students is a Matter of Priorities, Not Guns

Here’s a real, serious and affordable plan to protect our schoolchildren. But even lovers of big government programs will probably not be interested. They’d rather use school safety as a way to attack the 2nd amendment. For them, it’s not about the kids. It’s about politics and ideology. -CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE-

State of Dis-Union: Dems Pout as Trump Touts America

President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address was remarkable in many ways, but not only for its construction, its presentation, its themes or its plans for America. -CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE-

Trump Again Uses Technology to Change the Game

Today, in an unprecedented move, negotiations between the American president and congressional leaders were broadcast for all to see. The move has been almost universally viewed as extraordinary. Perhaps President Trump is ahead of the curve on what’s going on. The indisputable fact is that politics and government have been forever changed. A now superlative… Continue reading Trump Again Uses Technology to Change the Game