“Woke” Leftists Ignore History

When you insist on always looking forward, you ignore the lessons of the past. When you think you’re really enlightened, you dismiss the value of experience. And you refuse to listen to those who say “Wait a minute.” Wisdom comes from the knowledge of where you’ve been, what happened, and what you did about it.… Continue reading “Woke” Leftists Ignore History

What Will the Democrats Do Now? They only have two choices, both really bad.

The Democratic Party has only two paths to follow from here. Neither one looks promising. Proposition 1: Go left and try to act “woke”. Mobilize the resistance and try to ride to victory. The problem is, their party is an establishment party of the elites, yet they must rely on destabilizing the system to regain… Continue reading What Will the Democrats Do Now? They only have two choices, both really bad.

The Socialist War on American Greatness

America is a nation of laws. If we don’t enforce our laws, then those laws become pointless. Without laws, we cease to be a nation. But one party now calls for abolishing ICE and opening our borders. And it’s just the latest delirious demand. One party is lurching leftward in a desperate drive to reclaim… Continue reading The Socialist War on American Greatness

How Leftists Use Diversity to Destroy Dissent

The shake-my-head nature of “progressive” thought has become so commonplace that it doesn’t even stand out anymore. And that seems by design. The rational and reasonable ones who say “wait a minute” are just drowned out and denounced as evil. Full speed ahead! To the masses of sensitive sheep out there, it’s all about feelings,… Continue reading How Leftists Use Diversity to Destroy Dissent

How to Convert a Never-Trumper

There’s a whole lot of yelling going on. People are angry at each other. We’re close to losing the ability to have a civil discussion. But let’s try anyway. Maybe a new, quieter approach will work. NoBull Cause offers the following dialogue, one you might employ to help persuade someone who just can’t come to… Continue reading How to Convert a Never-Trumper


LEFTWORLD is a very distant, alien world. It doesn’t conform to the proven rules of the universe we call the “real world”. The inhabitants of LEFTWORLD reject and resent the hard-earned, valuable lessons of their ancestors. They gave up on those long ago. Life lessons don’t seem to work in their universe. How do you… Continue reading “LEFTWORLD”: THE FINAL FRONTIER

GLOBALISM: It’s Bad Nationalism on Steroids

The only identity Americans really need is a national identity. But now, patriotism is being demeaned as being the equivalent of 20th century radical, expansionist nationalism. By demonizing “nationalism”, the left promotes and justifies endless numbers of group identities. This is their “answer” for a better America. How can anyone believe this is good for… Continue reading GLOBALISM: It’s Bad Nationalism on Steroids