The Haters Made Trump Possible and They Still Don’t Get It

The anti-Trump, anti-MAGA folks are vocal and angry. But they will never understand the counterproductive effects of their efforts. It seems that angry Trump haters are everywhere, preaching their sermons of self-righteousness, but they unwittingly helped drive voters to support the very person they claim to detest. These helpful haters span the spectrum of society. Here’s… Continue reading The Haters Made Trump Possible and They Still Don’t Get It

ESPN Execs Are Redefining Incompetence

Watching sports on TV used to be a refuge for people looking for a simple diversion. At ESPN, that diversion has become a platform to promote political opinions. Now, ESPN is going down in flames and the bosses don’t understand why. That’s just stupid. They have unwittingly provided the perfect case study for political ideology… Continue reading ESPN Execs Are Redefining Incompetence

American Patriots Are The Real Revolutionaries

Without a return to the nation’s original, righteous revolutionary ideals, the most successful experiment in history, one founded on individual rights and freedom of speech, will be in peril.