What Will the Democrats Do Now? They only have two choices, both really bad.

The Democratic Party has only two paths to follow from here. Neither one looks promising.

Proposition 1: Go left and try to act “woke”. Mobilize the resistance and try to ride to victory. The problem is, their party is an establishment party of the elites, yet they must rely on destabilizing the system to regain political power. Their supporters want to overthrow the very government that Democrats want to control. That’s not a good plan.

Proposition 2: Accept that they’re an old, out of touch party of the elites. Continue to clutch for the levers of power in the traditional ways. Hope for the best and try to get the angry people to go along. Somehow along the way, convince them that you’re not what they think you are. Good luck with that.

What other choices do they have? It almost doesn’t even matter. Either way, they will be eaten alive by the radicals whose asses they’ve been kissing for 10 years. Anarchists and their angry sheep don’t like people in power. They like pitchforks and bonfires much more. It’s a lot more fulfilling for them.

Democrats have sealed their own fate. Their only hope is the friendly cover of the media. They need effective propaganda (i.e. lies) and they will need a way to get the word out. So, there’s really a third option: They can lie and deceive, then oppress the people who gave them their power. It’s evil but simple. Take power by deception and then maintain it by oppression.

Proposition 3 is their probable course, because it combines the worst of both 1 and 2. It’s a typical Democrat program! They will choose to harness the radicals, lie about who they really are, and then control everyone by force once they have power.

That approach is known as fascism and tyranny. But they’ll come up with a catchy slogan that stupid people will eat right up. Then, inevitably, those people will eat them. As P.J. O’Rourke says “Eat the rich”.

It’s a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE proposition. But, whatever plan they choose, the real loser will be America. This is their battle plan for capturing our country. If they win, everyone loses. Even them. Typical Democrat program.




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