How Leftists Use Diversity to Destroy Dissent

The shake-my-head nature of “progressive” thought has become so commonplace that it doesn’t even stand out anymore. And that seems by design. The rational and reasonable ones who say “wait a minute” are just drowned out and denounced as evil. Full speed ahead!

To the masses of sensitive sheep out there, it’s all about feelings, and when it comes to having a discussion…they’re not feeling it.

If what you say makes them feel bad, then you’re bad.

FB6EF437-37F3-49F3-BFF1-C58E4B4293A2Has free speech crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

“Build bridges, not walls” has become a popular catch phrase for people who prefer slogans over solutions. But, to those who chant about bridges, those bridges are just shortcuts for their boxcars to Camp Deplorable.

Leftists only like two kinds of walls: the ones that keep hapless citizens in, and the ones that surround their detainment camps for outcasts. They have no interest in your opinion. Goodbye. They’re done with you.

Sadly, most of them don’t even realize what they’re doing. But those pulling the puppet strings know the script, and it’s a fantasy.

There are countless examples of this, too many to list them all. Here are some of the most advanced and egregious.

The curriculum in our schools discourages students from questioning. It aims to herd them into “safe spaces” of blissful conformity. Teaching has become agenda driven. For students, protesting political causes has become an opportunity to get out of class and earn extra credit.


And when teachers or professors dare to publicly ponder options to the prevailing wisdom, they are disciplined and demeaned.

In California, when a teacher asked her students to consider if a school walkout might be allowed for students to protest something like abortion, the school suspended her for two days. Need we even ask why?

In universities, students now need safe spaces to protect themselves from ideas. Visiting speakers who profess different opinions are shut down by students and resisted by administrators. And, stupidly, it’s all done in the name of respect for diversity. It’s pathetic.

Throughout Europe, criminalizing speech has become the norm. While governments promote mass immigration from other cultures in order to prove their humanity and open-mindedness, they shut down divergent views for fear of danger. Stupid is as stupid does.


In Silicon Vally, the supposed apex of technological progress, group speak has decimated the very diversity these geniuses claim to revere.

Peter Thiel, a tech titan who threatens them with thoughts, has called them out on their conformity.

The contentious cofounder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook recently said this: “When people are unanimously on one side, that tells me not that they’ve all figured out the truth but that they are in sort of a totalitarian place, that they are in a one-party state where they are not allowed to have dissenting views.”

EC32AB1D-A54E-4262-9E1A-FD2F6758B79CNeedless to say, Mr. Thiel is reviled in Silicon Valley for his offensively diverse opinions. Perhaps silicon refers to the rocks in their heads, not in their chips.

A consequence of this hard headed progressivism is the growing censorship in social media. The most powerful mechanisms for individual speech are being converted to consensus machines.

Driving down another avenue of absurdity, appreciation of another culture has become “appropriation”. We’re supposed to respect all other cultures, but we must not adopt any aspect of them. That’s now wrong.

If you open a Chinese restaurant or a taco stand, you better be fully from that culture, or you’re stealing what rightfully belongs to someone else.

Never mind that we’re supposed to accept and respect other cultures. Respect no longer includes honoring what makes them special. That’s offensive.FD7F239C-010D-45EB-950B-4D706E7C4AFA

They can have pride in their own culture and we must accept that. But we must not adopt what we find appealing in it, because that is disrespectful. And certain people cannot even have pride in their own culture, especially if it happens to be based upon Christian or Western values. And white people are just screwed, left holding the bag of privilege which they apparently inherited at birth.

And let’s not get started on capitalism. That’s the worst culture of all. In short, the individual is being thrown to the wolves of collectivism, all in the name of diversity.

If it wasn’t so stupid and dangerous it would be funny. But sadly, those who still have a mind of their own are pushed to the sidelines, shaking their heads.

Redefining terms in order to remake reality is a time tested technique of totalitarians. Controlling thought is the natural outgrowth of that. Where will it end?

The death of dissent will mean the end of equality, a farewell to freedom. Ironically, the ultimate minority is the individual.  But, because of these “blinded by the light” worshippers of equality, the individual is being sacrificed at the altar of group rights. And once that army of group-thinkers becomes too large to resist, the individual will be just a footnote on the final page of a horror novel of history.

The last chapter is next. It’s up to level headed lovers of liberty to rewrite the ending.


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