How to Convert a Never-Trumper

There’s a whole lot of yelling going on. People are angry at each other. We’re close to losing the ability to have a civil discussion. But let’s try anyway. Maybe a new, quieter approach will work.

NoBull Cause offers the following dialogue, one you might employ to help persuade someone who just can’t come to like Donald Trump…someone who feels compelled to oppose him AND his mission just because of his personality.

It may not work, but it’s worth a try. We know from experience that trying to get certain folks to LIKE the President is hopeless.

Please present this in a calm, measured tone, because that’s how it HAS to be delivered. Here it is:


So you don’t like Trump? You want him out? Can we talk?

Maybe it would be worthwhile to separate the personality of the President from his results on the job. That may be a good thing. After all, performance and results are more important for the good of the country.

Would you rather have a President you DON’T like who’s getting things done, or a President you DO like who’s not getting things done?

Shouldn’t it be about getting the job DONE? Most Presidents can make you feel good, while things don’t change. Things often get worse for lack of attention. The political world rewards clever words over effective actions. These days, an unconventional President is one who puts actions above words. That requires telling it like it is, even if it isn’t pretty sometimes.

Is Donald Trump really an evil, racist hater? Or is he an unconventional President fighting for his country? Where is it said that agents of change are supposed to be pleasant and compliant? Are battles supposed to be pretty?

If you want to fight the corruption and the incompetence of the system, do you really think sending clever politicians to Washington is the way to go? Are you willing to accept more of the same?

Or would you rather send reinforcements that your unconventional President needs to fix these entrenched problems?

Donald Trump is not an ideologue. He is not your typical politician. He is a problem solver. He’s not there to play a role and placate people. Can you really say you’re sick of government and then vote for people who only want more of the same?

Donald Trump is an agent of change. We need change. We need to be strong. We need to be safe. We need to be successful. We need to be free. These are noble ideas. The people who claim they are bad or hateful things are worried about power, not results.

There are a lot of problems that need to be fixed right now. Yet we have people protesting the repair crews as they try to do their job. It’s like having our streets protesting pothole repairs.

Instead, why not just enjoy the results and accept the job’s foreman, whether you like him personally or not?


So there it is. Put your own twist on it and give it a try. You can also share this and tag Facebook friends who aren’t sold on the Democrats, but can’t come to accept Trump.

You might want to try this soon. There are fish to be caught in this pond. We just need to use the right lure if we want to get any bites.




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