America Today: Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?

On this Independence Day, it’s a good time to ask ourselves this question: What is America, and what should it be?

We are undeniably a nation of immigrants. It is our unique history and heritage. But the term “nation of immigrants” has been misappropriated for purposes not clear to many.

The American ideal of the melting pot of immigrants yearning for freedom and opportunity, that essential stew that shaped our American culture, has been transformed into a salad bar of cultural identities.

The so-called progressive thinkers promote the separate ingredients instead of emphasizing the unique American blend of cultures that made our experiment a beacon for the world.


We are losing this American ideal and identity, in favor of a supposedly newfound and enlightened “respect” for the multitude of human differences. (As if nobody ever noticed and respected these differences before.)

This is a threat to our very way of life. Contempt for the American experiment and its unique values is the cleverly concealed foundation of this movement. It’s all about eradicating what has made America exceptional. Because, to be exceptional, apparently, we are automatically oppressors.

If you take issue with the term “exceptional”, you are probably (perhaps unwittingly) one of those agents of revolutionary change. But change is not always progress. What feels heartwarming and humanitarian can be so alluring. But this allure does not necessarily make it right or wise, just tempting.

It’s time to resist this temptation. The fact is, what has made America so special is what must be respected and protected. This is what “resist” must stand for. We must resist the temptation to feel and not think. We must resist the revolutionary desire to create a new paradigm when none is needed.

Melting Pot logo

Our past is checkered, but our founding principles of freedom and opportunity for all should be considered untouchable. The melting pot created our identity, and it is crucial for our survival.

Our future is at stake. We must not give away the “American Way” for an irrational, utopian dream that has never before worked in human history.

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